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Big Car Inside Gallon

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Big Car Inside is an inside tire prep specifically designed for Sprint Cars, Modifieds, Late Models, Mod-Lites, etc. that use Hoosier and American Racer tires. Can be used on both used and new tires. This prep is unlike other kart specific inside preps that cause tires to come apart or seal over after a caution. This prep is designed to be used in conjunction with our Big Car Blue outside prep.

Some highlights of this prep when used with Big Car Blue.

  • Completely unscented
  • Will bring old "seasoned" tires back to life
  • Will pass a sniffer test
  • Will pass a durometer test
  • Will not cause tires to delaminate
  • Will not "seal" over after a caution
  • Will last through an entire day of racing Heat & A-Main


This prep is an "inside" prep, meaning it is to be used inside the tire only.


Instructions for use: (Generally I recommend rolling tires ~10 days before race day. Only reroll tires that are older than 6 weeks from date of first roll.) 

1. Remove valve core.

2. Pour Big Car Inside into a measuring glass to specified amount for your tire size and desired bite amount. (Generally 8-12oz for Hoosier G60s, 14-18oz for Late Models, 16-20oz for Sprint Car RR)

3. Connect 1/4" rubber hose (tygon, nylon, etc.) to the valve.

4. Deflate tire by hand to create suction through the hose.

5. Place hose in measuring glass to transfer tire prep into the tire.

6. Inflate tire to a standard "race" PSI setting.

7. Place tire on rotisserie or rotating tire stand and let roll for 1hr per ounce of prep.


*Disclaimer-This prep is designed to be undetectable. While it has proven it will pass every tire test currently used in motorsports, there is no guarantee. Use at your own risk.