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Big Car Blue Gallon

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Big Car Blue is a tire prep specifically designed for Sprint Cars, Modifieds, Late Models, Mod-Lites, etc. that use Hoosier and American Racer tires. Use 3-6 coats 3-5 days before race day and wrap the tires for best results.  *Must be applied every week you plan to race* Can be used on both used and new tires. This prep is unlike other kart specific preps that cause tires to come apart or seal over after a caution.

Some highlights of this prep.

  • Completely unscented
  • Will bring old "seasoned" tires back to life
  • Will pass a sniffer test
  • Will pass a durometer test
  • Will not cause tires to delaminate
  • Will not "seal" over after a caution
  • Will last through an entire day of racing Heat & A-Main

*Disclaimer-This prep is designed to be undetectable. While it has proven it will pass every tire test currently used in motorsports, there is no guarantee. Use at your own risk.